The Benefits of Cloud File Storage and Data Sharing

The Benefits of Cloud File Storage and Data Sharing

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It’s about sharing marketing materials with colleagues or sharing sensitive patient data with healthcare providers cloud storage for files and data sharing makes collaboration more efficient and more productive. It lets employees access work files from anywhere with an internet connection and reduces the necessity to email files back and forward. This article takes a closer look at the many benefits of cloud file sharing, including its security and storage capabilities as well as the potential to improve collaboration among teams.


Cloud-based file sharing services are more cost-effective than on-premises alternatives. On-premises servers require you to install and purchase the equipment needed to meet your storage requirements. Additionally, if your storage requirements decrease in the future, you’ll be left with unutilized servers and the associated costs. Cloud-based solutions are cost-effective because you only pay for the space your team needs and you can easily upgrade or downgrade at any time without incurring additional capital costs.


Cloud-hosted files are easier to track, giving your admins and IT team access to who’s using which content. This helps them manage the content lifecycle with greater insight, while keeping your confidential information secure. Additionally, cloud file storage and management provides features like file encryption and zero-trust security to safeguard your information from unauthorized use or theft.

Many companies are moving to cloud-based solutions for data sharing however the reality is that the majority of systems come with a distinct SQL implementation and high egress fees making the switch expensive. Enterprise architects must create practices to help make data-driven decision-making easier and reduce the cost of migration.