Software For Private Equity Deals

Software For Private Equity Deals

The best software stack simplifies business operations, enhances decision-making and gives you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. This article explores top software for private equity, including CRMs and tools that assist companies to increase the quality and quantity their investment opportunities.

Relationship Intelligence For PE Deal Teams

Private equity is a complicated world of relationships and networking is always happening. This is done in person and via platforms like LinkedIn. But these relationships networks can be difficult to manage and leverage, particularly for smaller funds that do not have the resources and experience of their larger peers. This is why it’s becoming more common for private equity teams to switch to CRMs — though not all CRMs are created equally. A lot of CRMs weren’t created to be able to support the sourcing pipeline tracking and relationship management processes employed by private equity. They do not have the sophisticated features and custom reports required for a PE-specific usage case, and they can lead to confusion and data siloes when used by teams who aren’t fully equipped to use them.

However, the top PE companies such as Thoma Bravo and Vista have discovered that utilizing CRMs can help them quickly identify and prioritize deal opportunities. A new class of CRMs which incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), advanced automation and other features lets to spend less time manually entering data and more time building relationships.

4Degrees is a CRM that includes many of the features needed by the PE specific CRM, like automated data capture and profile improvement, streamlined pipelines and real-time analytics and reporting. Another example is Navatar. a more traditional CRM built on Salesforce that comes with a limited feature set but still accommodates the pipeline, relationship and sourcing management requirements of PE funds.

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