Inspiring Teaching Books

Inspiring Teaching Books

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From picture books to non-fiction inspiring books for teachers provide new perspectives and ideas that inspire teachers to continue growing and evolving in the classroom. These books are filled with powerful stories and teaching techniques that are backed by research. They also celebrate the dedication of teachers and their impact on students.

Teachers inspire their students each and every day, whether they are in a classroom or playing in a Sandbox. These inspirational books for teaching will remind teachers of why they chose this noble profession.

This heartwarming story for children is a great way to teach kids the importance of perseverance and pluck. When a girl builds something beautiful, only to break it the book reminds her that she must be willing to fail and overcome her emotions to try again.

Author AJ Juliani teamed up with educator John Spencer to create this book that employs an approach called design thinking to encourage creativity in the classroom. The book teaches students how to utilize brainstorming to solve problems and think in a creative way, even when they are faced with limited resources or time.

Erin Gruwell, an educator and author, worked in the high school plagued by teens’ violence and racial prejudice. She was the first teacher to treat her students with respect and dignity. Her inspirational story is a prime illustration of the impact that a single teacher can have on the life of a child.