6 Best Sites to Learn Virtual Stock Trading in India

6 Best Sites to Learn Virtual Stock Trading in India

Established track record of high speed and error-free trading – Making it a popular choice for traders. It carries out in-depth research across scrips to provide users with intelligent stock tips. Superfast trading – This ensures high-speed processing of your trades. Technical https://www.xcritical.in/blog/trading-platform/ analysis tools – Incorporates several tools and charts that help you to research your trades. Just like Zerodha, in Upstox too you can process bulk trades easily and quickly. Choose wisely, and may your chosen platform be the gateway to your trading success.

The platform is equipped with many analytical tools and features for traders. You need to look for an online trading platform that suits your trading style. If you are still confused, you can compare the online trading platforms and software on the bases of these features. FYERS ONE is a desktop based trading platforms from the discount broker FYERS which is based out of Bengaluru. Interestingly FYERS has given tremendous importance to their trading platforms from the beginning.


That’s why it works as a one-stop shop with multiple money-saving verticals for you. With credible data, technically advanced tools and independent reviews, Select eases the selection process in your major money matters. The brokers listed on Select have been carefully chosen based on their reputation and reviews. Besides this, the stock  brokers in India are registered with a depository (either CDSL or NSDL) and SEBI proactively monitors the activities of brokers.

  • You can go with Zerodha Kite which is a simple, fast and clutter-free trading platform ideal for a beginner trader.
  • You also get tools like “Option Writer” and “Option dCoder” specifically designed for options trading.
  • This guide has reviewed the five best stock trading platforms on the market right now to safely invest in stocks in 2022.
  • Answer – Once you have figured out which broker you’re going to invest with, you can open your demat as well as trading account.

The account opening is paperless and you can use the app as soon as the account is operative. After developing their inhouse platforms, currently they have discontinued NOW. However few brokers like Tradejini etc still provide it to their clients.


Easy buy and sell – Groww has a ‘one-click’ trade interface allowing for quick and easy trades. This platform serves as a safe space for individuals to gain practical experience in trading before venturing into the actual market. Additionally, users can also take quizzes that come at the end of every main topic.

Best Trading Platforms in India 2023 (Web, Mobile & Desktop Platforms)

In fact, to make learning more interesting, users can also challenge themselves by taking up a certification exam at the end. Here’s an amazing course on “Stock Market Investing Masterclass” offered by the FinGrad Academy. With just 4 clicks to complete games, the games offer an effortless interface experience in a growing community of more than 300k gamers. At Moneybhai, you can also compete with fellow Indian traders by joining different leagues. There’s also a free forum on this website where you can ask your queries or participate in the on-going discussion threads. The trading demands and style of each individual determine the best trading platform.

For example, TD Ameritrade offers a highly advanced platform that is packed with technical indicators and fundamental research tools. Trade Racer is a power-packed desktop trading platform from ICICI Direct. Everything from real-time live streaming quotes to multiple watchlists creation, integrated fund transfer, research calls, etc. are available on ICICI Direct Trade Racer platform. The Speed Pro trading terminal is loaded with a wide range of advanced features to provide an unparalleled trading experience.

Providing a decent and simple design for beginners to dodge through as easily as the advanced users, these platforms stand out among the others. Through the online trading platform, he can directly select the stocks that he wants to buy or sell and execute the order himself via the trading platform. Groww is considered to be the best beginner-friendly trading application in India.

Further, the widget feature helps in personalizing the platform to suit your unique trading style. Kite is loaded with an intuitively designed sleek interface where you can analyze, trade and manage your portfolio in your personalized way. Additionally, you can view 20 market depth (trade quotes) to gauge market liquidity and trade accordingly.

The app brings in advance charts of multiple intervals, types and drawing styles where you can apply 100+ technical indicators in real-time. Online trading is all about designing trading https://www.xcritical.in/ strategy and its perfect execution. All the above platforms are top in class, you just need to select the one which has all the technical analysis tools involved in your strategy.

There are currently numerous options available for those wishing to engage in Algo trading in India due to the growing rivalry among trading platforms. Trading platforms give users access to investing tools and technical charts that give them in-depth research insights and information. To maximise their profits, traders can use this information to make well-informed investing selections. Nuvama Terminal X3 or TX3 is one of the best trading terminals with complete analytical solutions for traders. The desktop trading platform is equipped with powerful charts, exceptional speed, and insightful analytics. Fyers is a technology-driven discount broker that has a robust desktop trading platform called Fyers One.

Zerodha Kite is the best platform for beginners to start online trading in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency segment in India. Kite platform is created using next-gen technology and available in 10+ languages to provides ease of access to users. Zerodha developers’ team has designed the Kite platform in the user-friendly manner, and users can also read the Kite manual to know how to use the Kite features.

How to Learn stock trading in India without actually risking any money. Instantaneous trade placement is one of the main benefits of online stock trading. For stock quotes, you can simply check the current price of the stock on the online trading platform rather than calling your broker.